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  1. Hi Rabbit, Hope you are fine bro. Please i need your advice, i want to Password Protect USB Ports on my PC ( when i plug in any Pen Drive or Removable Devices). For that i need names of the best softwares that do such thing if possible, i have searched for many software names that can do it, but i couldn't find anyone of then through internet ( A cracked full version). Thank you so much, i wish you can help me. Lovely
  2. Hi Rabbit; I hope this message finds you good. I am an IT assistant and I would like to ask for your recommendation regarding remote control desktop software. I need such a good software that allows me to turn on/off and to have full control of IT labs pcs with one click I want to make my life easier. Lovely
  3. Thank you for your quick response.
  4. Hi Rabbit, Since you are the King of all this, kindly i would like to ask you a question. i want to know if you have implemented a way or software to allow to download videos ( Films, Series, Episodes etc...) from Paid Websites without Subscription for example: https://www.alnoortv.co To watch the series in this website you need to buy subscription first then you will have total access, noting that all series, films can be found in some private trackers for free, but it's all about personal curiosity and knowledge, i like to know the way to download such things. If there is any discomfort with the question please discard my topic. Kindly,
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